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Before contacting us, please read the following:

Magnecor endeavours to provide excellent service and technical support.  However, to process your inquiries we need complete information about your vehicle and its engine, or application if wires are needed for industrial use.  We recommend you email us at  If you e-mail us, and you need an urgent reply, please include your telephone or fax number, as quite often, we find it impossible to immediately e-mail a reply.

We recommend you to familiarize yourself with all Magnecor products and our FAQ's to help you understand the differences between the various Magnecor ignition cables used in our wire sets and industrial applications.

Please provide your location (state/province and city/town in USA or Canada or anywhere else) and we will try to advise you of the closest dealer or a specialist dealer whenever possible. 

Please understand that while we do have many dealers, we do not have dealers everywhere.  If it’s a popular set you want, we can usually suggest a dealer in your area who possibly stocks it, but because the vast majority of newer vehicles no longer use spark plug wires, we no longer expect our dealers to carry wire sets for vehicles that are becoming rare or obsolete in their area.  Many of our dealers specialize in one particular make of vehicle and carry inventory only for that make.

However, we do sell direct, and our Michigan USA plant will either have the set in inventory for immediate delivery, or it can be manufactured, usually within a day or two, even if it’s made to suit a particular customer’s specifications.  All major credit cards are accepted.

All industrial users need to contact us direct.

We will attempt to answer all technical questions received via e-mail as quickly as possible.  We never regard any question as being a "dumb question" if it seems you don't know much about ignition wires and systems. It's up to us to provide an explanation as to what you need to do to achieve whatever you have in mind. However, more often than not, the answer to 95% of questions can be found on this website.

Providing important information about the vehicle for which you need ignition wires:

When requesting a price for a wire set, please provide as much information about your vehicle as possible, including make, model, year, engine size/type/designation, body style in as much detail as possible.  If you are outside of the US or Canada, or need a price for a vehicle not originally sold in the US or Canada, please include the name of the country in which the vehicle was delivered new with the other information.

Do not hesitate to ask for Magnecor ignition wires for unusual engines or very new vehicles for which other manufacturers cannot supply ignition wires. Generally Magnecor ignition wires are available for almost every engine ever made. A custom wire set or individual leads can be made to suit your requirements at no extra cost.

If your engine requires wires that you know differ in any way to the original factory wires (for example, a repositioned or changed ignition coil needing a different connector) or if you want a custom length set, please mention than in your email.

You can also download the complete current Magnecor Catalog, which contains most of our  numbered wire sets, plus part numbers to identify individual components and cables available from our USA plant.