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From this page, you can download Magnecor's complete product catalog (which includes ignition cable sets, bulk cable and some parts, individual leads and custom wire set ordering information) and our specification/information sheets and other documents. If you do not see what you want, please contact us.

Magnecor's USA Catalog and Retail Price List
Magnecor catalog and USA retail price list (1.125 MB - PDF)
Magnecor catalog and USA retail price list (1.095 MB - zipped PDF)

Last catalog update: January 28, 2016

The catalog/price list includes the specification/information sheets for all our cables plus the "The Truth About Ignition Wire Conductors" document.

Please note: the Magnecor catalog mostly list sets for engines available in the USA and Canada (although there are many sets listed for vehicles not originally sold in USA or Canada), if you are outside North America this catalog may not give you the correct part number. In addition, our UK and Australian factories use different part numbering systems. If you are not sure what you want please read this information before contacting us.

Magnecor's Specification sheets
7mm (Electrosports-70) Ignition cable

8mm (Electrosports-80) Ignition cable
8.5mm (KV85 Competition) Ignition cable
10mm (R-100 Racing) Ignition cable
7mm Copper Conductor cable



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