Since 1976, Magnecor has been a manufacturer and supplier of ignition wires used for competition, street, industrial and military applications.  Magnecor is able to provide a spark plug wire set and individual wires for almost every engine ever made using a variety of technically advanced long-service-life ignition cables.

Making your own wires and universal wire sets:

Although Magnecor will always supply loose cable and components to people who want to assemble their own wires, we must warn that it is not easy to make plug wires using any type of loose cable and components, or a universal set that requires the crimping of terminals and the fitting of boots and connectors, without proper equipment. More so with engines that feature extended spark plug connectors. 

Even experienced technicians often find it impossible to properly crimp terminals using the poorly designed crimping pliers and die sets available in the aftermarket. The crimping jaws are simply not wide enough, and not enough compression can be applied to be effective. A proper industrial grade crimping tool is available from Magnecor, but the $300+ cost is unjustified unless it is used to make many wires. Every year, millions of dollars are spent searching for engine problems caused by unsuspected badly terminated spark plug and coil wires.

Although not absolutely necessary, before ordering CUSTOM wires, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the different Magnecor ignition cables and components available.


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